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Why you can never do too many Kids and Teens Surf Camps!!

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In Summer 2024 we will kick off our 20th year of running our Kids and Teens Surf Camps at Fanore Beach in Co. Clare. For the past 20 years we’ve been dedicated to igniting the passion for surfing in the younger generation while providing a safe and exhilarating experience they’ll never forget. 

It’s a real privilege to be able to introduce young people to surfing and the ocean. The 5 day Surf Camps are special because we have 5 days to pass on a huge array of ocean knowledge and water safety skills. As a Lifeguard Trainer myself, we place a massive emphasis on teaching all the necessary skills to stay safe in the water. Learning about rip currents, waves, tides, surf etiquette, lifesaving and lifeguarding techniques. It really is amazing how much they learn and all this is packed into an action packed couple of hours each day at the beach. 

While learning to surf is at the heart of what we do, the Surf Camps are also about building friendships, embracing the outdoors, and having a blast along the way. We aim for huge smiles all around!

That’s why we see the same faces coming back year on year. We’re always so stoked to see the same young people coming back to us each Summer for more surfing in our camps. A year will have gone by and they’ll be taller, more grown up, more confident and ready to take off where they left off last Summer. Another epic 5 days of surfing and fun. 

As our playing field constantly changes, there’s a lot to learn about the ocean. Learning to surf itself is something that’s a never ending process. With each session you gain more experience. Learning to deal with all sorts of conditions. We progress the teaching over the 5 days, and then our surfers build on that experience each Summer. 

Take Jude for example. Jude started surfing with us in our Surf Camps way back when he was 10 years old. Did Jude just do one camp? Nope, he did them every Summer for years! Sometimes getting in a couple of camps each Summer! Every Summer progressing his skills, learning more, gaining more and more confidence in the water. Sure you can do a few lessons and then just rent or buy your own gear. But it’s in the Surf Camps that the real progression is made. Jude knew that. Well at least his Mum did! As Surf Coaches with decades of experience doing this, we know how to create a supportive and encouraging environment where kids and teens can build confidence, develop new skills, and make lifelong memories. The more they want to learn, the more we have to teach them. Jude was like that. Making the most of learning as much as he could from our experienced instructors over the years. 

Now what does he do? Well he didn’t drop out and become a total surf bum! Apart from focusing on his degree in University, he just wants to surf all the time! Surfing all around the world and a few years ago became a qualified Surf Instructor and Beach Lifeguard himself. He started out a 10 year old in our Surf Camps and now he’s teaching the surfing lessons! Passing on all he’s learnt over the years to the future generations. Jude is the perfect example why you can never do too many Surf Camps at Aloha!

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surf instructor teaching at ireland
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