Private Surf Lessons


Private surf lesson in Clare


Here at Aloha, we also offer private surf coaching sessions. These sessions are tailored specifically to your needs and can cater for all levels of surfing ability.

These sessions are particularly suited for Beginner and Improver surfers keen to fast track their surfing skills, or those who feel more comfortable learning to surf for the first time on their own.

Intermediate and slightly more advanced surfers can also benefit from 1:1 coaching, allowing your Surf Coach the freedom and time to work with you on specific areas of your surfing.

Exactly what we teach you will depend on what you hope to get out of the lesson and whether or not you want to work on specific areas. To get an exact idea of your ability we get you to fill out short form beforehand  on your level of surfing and goals. We then get you in the water for a quick surf where we can analyse your level of surfing and what your strengths and weaknesses may be.

Some areas we then focus on are:

  • Paddling
  • Improving pop up and stance
  • Catching unbroken waves
  • Take off/Basic turning/Bottom turns
  • Surfing in trim on green water waves
  • Wave selection and positioning
  • Surf Fitness: Flexibility/Balance/Strength/Surfers Health
  • Wind, wave and tide knowledge/prediction
  • Water safety, assessing conditions, rip currents etc
  • Etiquette/Rules of the ocean


A Private session costs €120

A two person Private lesson is € 80 pp

Contact us for more details or to make a booking