We’re doing everything possible to keep you safe from the risk of COVID-19

We’re delighted to be back open and we have put a lot of time in to ensure that we are doing everything possible to ensure the safety of our staff and customers. We have re-written all of our operating procedures and Health and Safety policies and these have been approved by the Irish Surfing Association and Sport Ireland. These documents are robust, lengthy and comprehensive, so here below we have just outlined some of the measures we have put in place for those coming to surf with us. Give you a brief reassuring glimpse into the work we are putting in behind the scenes. We’re fortunate that the outdoor salt water environment is one of the safest environments we could be working in, but we are still doing everything we can to keep our customers and staff safe.

We believe that these measures will in fact provide a better experience for our surfing customers and ensure we can all stay safe while we have fun and catch some waves.

Aloha Surf School COVID-19 Response plan
We feel we’ve actually improved our surfers experience with our new procedures! So the same level of stoke and adventure as always, while doing everything possible to keep everyone safe.


  • Our groups are being kept small, limited numbers and there will be no large multi-instructor lessons.
  • Relevant details of our COVID-19 lesson and operating protocol is provided to clients when they book. This includes a run-down of what to expect upon arrival and right throughout the lesson; instruction on basic precautions for infection prevention and also a number of COVID-19 related questions. Should they answer Yes to any of them, they will be recommended to follow the medical advice they received or to seek medical advice before going surfing and to stay at home if they have symptoms.
  • All meet and greets are conducted outdoors maintaining social distancing. This social distancing is then maintained right throughout the session.
  • Wetsuit equipment and boards are washed and disinfected after use.
  • Boards are sanitised by being sprayed, washed and mopped down after use. They are then handed out to participants using disinfected rubber gloves
  • Wetsuits are thoroughly washed inside and out in containers of a Milton and soap solution. Instructors washing wetsuit equipment will use elbow length rubber gloves, goggles and face mask for personal protection whilst doing so. Wetsuits are then dried 50cm apart and again handed out using disinfected gloves.
  • We have a large stock of wetsuits so wetsuits already worn will not be used again the same day.
  • For participants on multi-day surf camps with us, they are supplied with dry, clean and sanitized wetsuit equipment at the start of camp and will then hold onto that equipment for the duration of the camp.
  • We keep a record of participants in the session should they be needed for contact tracing with public health officials if required.
  • We have hand sanitising dispensers located at the surf school. These contain a 70% alcohol hand gel. We also have soap dispenser, fresh water and paper towels in a purpose built hand hygiene wash station for staff to wash hands. Advice and training on how to perform hand hygiene effectively is displayed at the surf school.
  • Frequently touched surf school surfaces are cleaned and disinfected regularly.
  • HSE Hygiene Posters are displayed at the surf school.
  • Staff members have their health monitored and temperature checked upon arrival to work.
  • Staff have received an induction training on symptoms of COVID-19 and how it is spread, hygiene measures, use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), how to respond to a suspected case and the protocol to apply should they need to breach the 2 metre distance to provide first-aid or a rescue. Also instruction to follow if they themselves develop signs or symptoms of COVID-19.
  • In their ‘On the Beach’ First Aid Kit staff are provided with additional PPE of nitrile gloves, surgical masks, goggles and bag valve mask should they need to apply first aid.

We realise that our current situation is dynamic and has been rapidly evolving. With this in mind, our new operating procedures are a live document that will be revised and updated as new information becomes available. We are keeping up to date and reviewing all new relevant information from the Government, HSE, Sport Ireland and our National Governing Bodies, so that we can operate our surf school in as safe a manner as possible.

We are absolutely confident that none of these measures will in any way lesson the fun and stoke of coming to surf with us at Aloha! In fact we feel that it will actually improve the experience!!

We delighted to be back doing what we love and sincerely thank you for your understanding and cooperation in keeping us all safe while we all catch some waves and enjoy the beach.

New to 2018 – Stand Up Paddleboarding with Bay SUP

We have launched a dedicated Stand Up Paddleboarding school in Ballyvaughan. Bay SUP run lessons and tours along the beautiful southern shores of Galway Bay. All instructors are fully qualified ASI SUP Coaches and we’re using the latest top of the line paddleboards from Red Paddle Co.  Check out baysup.ie for more info


Days have gotten super long

Days have gotten super long and so to push it home we have a late evening surf lesson tonight going out at 8pm. Still some space so if you fancy an afterwork surf give us a shout